Look Me Over – Liberace

Look Me Over – Liberace
He was America's 1st idol, icon, pageantry pianist, pop star, egomaniac, and show giant.

Liberace knew the entire who's who of Hollywood. Some of them he needed as tokens, some to admire, some to promote. "I don't give concerts, I put on shows." True to this maxim, his performances grew into the incomprehensible over the years. He boarded the stage in a mirrored white Rolls-Royce and a meter-long chinchilla coat. Liberace took the wind out of the sails of every critic of his lifestyle with a wink and a large portion of self-irony: "My clothes may look funny, but they're making me the money. At the same time, he flirted unabashedly with his audience, laughing broadly, and telegenically played the loving son of a cute old lady. He thus became the favorite son-in-law of millions and millions of mothers.

As legendary as his glittering performances were, so paradoxical was his public life. No other artist cultivated gay self-dramatization as openly on America's biggest stages as Liberace and at the same time prevented his outing so vehemently and with all means until his death in Palm Springs. Even though much of his dream and image crumbled during his lifetime, by the end of his days, almost nothing of it remained.

The documentary "LOOK ME OVER – LIBERACE" focuses on his psychogramme at various original locations, some 30 years after Liberace's death. The focus is on his life and success story as part of the "American Dream" amid the bigotry of a divided society. To this day, both continue to live off their respective legends.

Screening dates
17 August 2022, 22:05, Arte
2021: Bronze World Medal Documentaries, Biography/Profiles, NewYork Festivals TV & Film Awards
2020: Silver Remi Award, WorldFest Houston
90 minutes
Jeremy JP Fekete
Jeremy JP Fekete
Director of Photography
Rasmus Sievers
Sound Design
Marc Bargmann
Cinema Sound Mix
Marc Bargmann
Post Production
Cine Complete
Color Grading
Andreas Hellmanzik
Stefan Otterpohl
Barrier-free version
Kathy Hellmanzik
Cine Complete
Kinescope Film
Line producer
Matthias Greving
Radio Bremen/ARTE
Mechtild Lehning
nordmedia - Film- und Mediengesellschaft mbH
German Federal Film Fund (DFFF)