The north light comes – Live from Bremen

The North Light Comes – The Livestream Event of the BSAG and Siemens directly from the Bremen market place

"The 'North Light' is coming. First stop in your living room!" The Bremer Straßenbahn AG (BSAG) has come up with something to celebrate the rollout of the new Bremen streetcar together with everyone. The idea is simply: "If people can't come to us in times of Corona, then we'll just come to your home with the streetcar," says BSAG board spokesman Hajo Müller.

120 minutes
Marius von Schröder
Director of Photography
Henry Fried
Florian Gerding
Matthias Kind
Toni Schmidt
Matthias Thomae
Graphic design
Marie Binning
Bärbel Schäfer
Uta Albanese
Anette Behr-König
Dirk Böhling
Gerd Borcherding
Bremer Philharmoniker
Freunde der Bremer Straßenbahn
Grün-Gold-Club Bremen
Silke Hellwig
Florian Kohfeldt
Flo Mega
Til Mette
Henning Scherf
Jan Weyrauch
Die Zollhausboys
Kinescope Film GmbH
Line producer
Matthias Greving
Production Manager
Kirsten Lukaczik
Matthias Greving
Jens-Christian Mayer
Kirsten Lukaczik
Steffen Stölken
Andreas Holling
Katja Philipsenburg