John Neumeier – A Life for Dance

On different levels, the film approaches one of the greatest choreographers of our time: John Neumeier.

The film is about his work and about Neumeier personally. Friends and companions share their views and Neumeier's husband also gives private insights. The joint trip with Neumeier to Chicago and Milwaukee is a journey to his very beginnings and shows the roots and the source of his work up to today. We learn about the path and career of John Neumeier and draw a portrait of a great dancer, a wonderful teacher and a person deeply rooted in art and religion. Complementing the floating camera in the recording of Neumeier's ballet choreographies during rehearsals, we show current artistic work that captures movement and dance, aesthetics and expression, humanity and commitment to others in an authentic and aesthetic way.

Photo: Kiran West


Screening dates
30. Juni 2024 | 10:50 pm - ARTE
from July 1, 2024 in the ARTE media library
53 minutes
Andreas Morell
Director of Photography
Thomas Frischhut
Film Editing
Nina Mühlenkamp
Post Production
Till Reinken (Supervision)
Kinescope Film
Matthias Greving
Jano Leiermann (Produktionsleitung)
Michael von Wolfframsdorff (Prod.-Koordination)
Line producer
Justin Koch
nordmedia - Film- und Mediengesellschaft Niedersachsen/Bremen