Book Hunters

Pater Nejeeb und Pater Columba 02 © Radio Bremen, Kinescope Film GmbH
Fight for the knowledge of the world

Book hunters are the secret heroes of history. In times of greatest barbarism, they tried to save what could be saved. Without the book hunters, we would know much less about our own history.

While libraries burned and ecclesiastical or secular rulers systematically destroyed unpopular literature, they collected and copied manuscripts. Only what fell into the hands of the dedicated book hunters - mostly learned gentlemen or cultured monks - what they tracked down or deemed worthy, had a chance of being handed down. Thus, Tacitus' "Germania" reached the Middle Ages in only one copy. Without Tacitus, we would know nothing of the Germanic tribes without writing, would have no idea of the successful battle in the Teutoburg Forest. And yet, even the book hunters could not prevent the loss of an infinite amount of ancient knowledge. Floor heating, window glass, aquaculture, aqueducts, architecture, medicine, mathematics.

What would history have been like if mankind had been able to build on this knowledge of the Romans and Greeks? What kind of advanced society would we be living in now? And: Are we today immune to the perishing of our knowledge?

2018: Chicago International Television Festival, The Silver Plaque – Nonfiction Program
2019: Publicist Award of German Bibliotheks
Chicago International Television Festival, 2018
RAM Film Festival, 2020
52 minutes
Susanne Brahms
Susanne Brahms
Director of Photography
Matthias Kind
Jan-Ole Sieg
Jörn Steinhoff
Film Editing
Safy Jana Reske
André Feldhaus
Gerald Hentschel
Gerald Kress
Urs Krüger
Graphic design
Janine Pusch
Fabian Holtz
Rainer Krause
Matthias Greving
Mike Beilfuß
Line producer
Janina Sara Hennemann
Production Manager
Matthias Greving
Janne Scherfer
Michaela Herold
Supported with funds from nordmedia - Film- und Mediengesellschaft/ Bremen mbH