Cinema Release & Exhibition

With the documentary feature film HEINRICH VOGELER – MALER GENOSSE MÄRTYRER on May 12 and the exhibition »Heinrich Vogeler. The New Man« starting on March 27, the 150th anniversary of Heinrich Vogeler’s birth will be commemorated this year.
Cinema release

The painter, graphic artist, architect, designer, educator and writer Heinrich Vogeler helped found the Worpswede artists’ colony. Director Marie Noëlle (MARIE CURIE, THE WIFE OF THE ANARCHIST) focuses on the extraordinary biography of Heinrich Vogeler in her film HEINRICH VOGELER – MALER GENOSSE MÄRTYRER. In a mixture of documentary and feature film, she brings key scenes of his life to the big screen. The leading roles are played by Florian Lukas as Heinrich Vogeler, Anna-Maria Mühe as Magda Vogeler and Naomi Achternbusch as Paula Modersohn-Becker. Also in front of the camera are Uwe Preuss, Johann von Bülow, Alice Dwyer and Samuel Finzi.

On the documentary level, Vogeler’s direct descendants are joined by contemporary German and French artists such as Norbert Bisky and Sophie Sainrapt, as well as historians, literary figures and experts on the European and international art scene. In dialogue with them, Vogeler’s work and life will be reflected upon and an arc will be drawn from the art scene of that time to the present and universal questions about the nature of art and artistic existence will be told using Vogeler as an example.

HEINRICH VOGELER – MALER – GENOSSE – MÄRTYRER is a production of Kinescope Film (Producer: Matthias Greving) in co-production with NDR/ARTE (Editorial Work: Claudia Cellarius). Supported by nordmedia and the German Federal Film Fund (DFFF). The film will be released in German cinemas on May 12 by Farbfilm.

The artist’s work can be discovered in the anniversary exhibition at the Worpswede Museums from March 27.

Photo: Benjamin Eichler