Yugoslavia – The vanished country (WT)

The series provides an insight into the history of Yugoslavia, which began with hope and success and ended with conflicts and the ultimate disintegration of the country in the 1990s. Eyewitnesses report on their individual experiences with the former superpower, which could not be more different.

In four episodes, the documentary "Yugoslavia - The Vanished Country" (WT) conveys an understanding of the complex history of the ethnic, political, and cultural identity of the former Yugoslavia. Although the Balkan region was repeatedly at the center of wars, the people seem to have been united in a Yugoslavian way of life for almost 60 years, despite ethnic differences. But with the death of Tito, the figure of integration and the idea of unity also dies. The ethnic origin of the population comes to the fore again, and a long civil war ensues. Through personal fates, the series searches for reasons, answers, and understanding in a region that Europe still does not understand today. 


In production
208 minutes
Stjepan Klein
Lukas Augustin
Kinescope Film
Matthias Greving
Kirsten Lukaczik
Line producer
Anne Reißner
Claudia Cellarius
Anett Sager
Melanie Clausen